Interventi video a Bukarest:

March 21, debate at the Institut Francais

Topic: about sustainable business choices. Because the planet's non-renewable resources will not be able to support us for very long anymore, which kind of investment and business behaviour are best to choose? Talking about economic degrowth and programmed obsolescence.

Objective: getting the business people in Romania to apply sustainable principles to their business (recycling in the offices, a different company policy, longer asting products) and have sustainability in mind when making business choices.

March 22, conference at the University of Architecture
Audience: undergraduate and graduate students in Architecture, design, environmental economy, public administration; university professors, press. S

Topic: Programmed obsolescence; what are moral investments (of money and talent), in today's economical context?

March 23, Bon pour la Casse (Romanian) book launch at Seneca Anticafe
Audience: Environment NGOs, representatives from big publishing houses in Romania, readers, press.
Topic: Programmed obsolescence - the reality of it and what we can do to stop it.
Objective: Getting the Romanian society to find out nd talk about programmed obsolescence; getting publishing houses to publish sustainably (recycled paper, making up for CO2 emissions etc.)


Irina Vasilescu
SNK Association